About the Company

We began in the container shipping business with Sealand Services in Houston in 1990. After 15 years working with container companies all over the World, we decided to open Shipper Owned Container in 2006, to offer a different type of container company, one that was much more customer focused. We wanted to offer outstanding customer service to every customer whether you buy 1 or 100 containers. Our company grew quickly and in 2009 we decided to open SOC Offshore. This division focuses on the manufacture and sale of DNV 2.7-1 containers and CCU’s for offshore rig use in the Gulf of Mexico. We now offer production every 45 days from our DNV factory partnership and can ship anywhere in the World. In addition in 2009 we opened Carolina Container Connection.  An SDVOSB (service disabled veteran owned small business)that is run by my friend Jack McCormick. Jack is a decorated veteran of Viet Nam and proudly serves the East Coast from his Charleston location. 

 All of our companies offer the same great quality equipment and outstanding customer service.