Our Services – Inspection

Shipper Owned Container uses a Certified third party firm for all Dallas and Houston marine inspection services. This offers our customers complete objectivity and piece of mind that they are getting a quality container.

International Convention for Safe Containers

The International Maritime Organization, in conjunction with other parties, established the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) in 1972. This convention created several important provisions including uniform international safety regulations and a requirement for all shipping containers to display a CSC plate. The CSC plate contains a variety of information including weight capacity, stacking capabilities, dimensions, and date of manufacture.

What Does a CSC Survey Cover?

A CSC survey is conducted by a trained inspector and ensures that the container meets the standards listed on the CSC plate. The completed survey from Houston marine inspection services is then given to us at Shipper Owned Container, to ensure that each container meets safety regulations and is able to be stacked on a ship for transport. By conducting these very important Dallas and Houston marine inspections, Shipped Owned Container is able to provide clients with not only a huge selection of shipping cargo containers, but high-quality options which meet important safety standards.