Our Services – Inspection

Shipper Owned Container uses only licensed Third party maritime inspection firms. This assures our clients of complete objectivity in this process and that they will get a quality container every time. 

International Convention for Safe Containers

The International Maritime Organization, in conjunction with other parties, established the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) in 1972. This convention created several important provisions including uniform international safety regulations and a requirement for all shipping containers to display a CSC plate. The CSC plate contains a variety of information including weight capacity, stacking capabilities, dimensions, and date of manufacture.

What Does a CSC Survey Cover?

The survey is performed by a licensed maritime inspector. There is a sticker placed on the CSC plate at the time of inspection, it will have an expiration date on it. It states that the container is up to the standards listed on the CSC plate.  The completed survey is then passed to your shipping company to confirm that the SOC (shipper owned container) is up to the safety standards required for stacking on a ship.